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The program represents a great opportunity for all native English-speakers who want to spend a week abroad enjoying culture, conversation, and connecting with people.All native English-speakers are encouraged to apply, regardless of profession, ethnic background or religion.

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Volunteer vacancies are usually 6-8 days but duration does vary depending on the type of program or location.

“Over the course of the past several months while making arrangements for our three children to participate as volunteers I was very impressed by how thoughtfully the program was organized and your attention to details…

Plugging your computer directly to the internet through an ethernet cable rather than using wi-fi also improves the connection, often dramatically.

If you’re on a Mac I recommend Call Recorder for Skype, an app that let’s you video record your lessons (see my blog post for more info).

Congratulations for a program well-run and for providing a fantastic development opportunity for our children.” “Pueblo Inglés is quite simply brilliant!

I met so many lovely, friendly people and still keep in touch with some of them.

In each week-long program, a group of 15-25 volunteers (from Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, USA, etc) “populate” one of our beautiful hotel resorts and provide conversation in English, through a diverse daily schedule.

Germans/Spaniards adults are there to practice and improve their English in a natural way.

The settings are beautiful, the food divine, the activities great fun and the company great.

I would recommend it to anyone and will be doing many more myself!

Some teachers are very hands on - placing fingers manually, pushing arms, adjusting positioning, etc.

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