Assertivenes in dating

You may go to the extreme and express yourself in an accusing or angry manner or not at all.

I’ve tried that route and it doesn’t work — you have to lead with actions and your mindset will follow.

Be true to yourself and your needs as part of your daily life.

Being assertive may change the nature of some of your relationships, and that may cause you concern.

Or perhaps you believe that you are not important enough to deserve to express your needs and feelings.

What are some beliefs you have that may prevent you from being assertive?

Of course, it's not necessary to always be assertive.

One of your rights is to say "no" without having to provide an excuse.

You don't have to have reasons or answers, and you don't have to have solutions to others' problems.

Assertiveness is neither passivity nor aggressiveness. Assertive communication demonstrates self-respect and self-confidence, in addition to awareness of and respect for others.

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