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Thus, a greater commitment is required from the producer to increase resources in areas such as quality control, training, mixture development, equipment and batching/delivery logistics.The higher per unit volume cost of SCC compared to conventional concrete is often cited as an argument against its use.

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The design codes and standards currently dictate that, due to the fluidity of these mixtures, formwork used in SCC applications must be designed to withstand full hydrostatic pressure.

This approach leads to increased formwork costs and creates another roadblock to more widespread use of the product.

SCC mixture constituents and proportions will vary from one mix to another depending on the project requirements, type of application and placement technique.

There is a range of plastic performance levels that exist with SCC so it is therefore essential to determine the appropriate targets for the project and design accordingly.

In spite of this, there has been a significant lag between the development of the technology and full scale acceptance and use.

While there is always a period of adjustment prior to the adoption of any new innovation, the cast-in-place concrete construction industry as a whole has traditionally been slower than most to embrace new methodologies.

In many cases, the construction of these elements would not be achievable using conventional concrete and traditional placement techniques.

The true benefit in these cases is that the available technology allows the designer the freedom to create and innovate.

For example, SCC used for a relatively open pour with minimal reinforcement can be designed with flow-ability on the lower end of the spectrum.

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